Lisa Matthias
ReciprocityExchangePigeonholeThe Bottom Falls OutConcealedDeclinationShaky ScaffoldDisentangleDisarrayUpliftedEnsnaredStill from Video "Annotated Passage"Blueprint of a SongIn Which it HousesCollapseLeaves Once-dividedInstinctive PresenceImpromptu for a WrenDirected RecurrenceInstallation still of "Agitated"
Prints and Installation
Inspired by botanical and zoological forms that are reminiscent of man-made constructions, these abstracted prints - large format woodcuts and smaller etchings - are of a world that seems both technological and biological.

These works are abstract and referential, expressive and structured, constructed and dismantled, balanced and unsteady. Like any organism the figurative component of each composition is to some degree interwoven with its environment. The pieces contemplate habitat, home, shelter, nest, pattern, recurrence, organization, and connectedness, from a variety of perspectives.

Much of my creative practice draws on my background as a biologist. Science and art come together in many ways in my studio. Most of all, I’m inspired by the abundance of life that resides around and within us. There is the idea that humans have an innate tendency to show interest in other forms of life; we may be predisposed to focus on living things as opposed to the inanimate. Add to this supposition the evidence that all organisms have descended from the same ancestral life form: after 3.5 billion years of evolution all life remains interconnected at a genetic level. It’s clear that associations among species, between humans and other living beings, are complex and old. This kind of systems-based worldview where nature is not a separate entity but is instead a web of interactions among living things and their environments is articulated through both ecology and post-humanism.

Final Visual Presentation for the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking.
February 26th to March 23rd 2013.